Brighten Someone's Day - Send them a photo postcard!  


Communicate easily with your family
and friends.

Great for real estate open houses and more...

 Market your products & services
with our custom photo postcard labels!

We now take most of our photos on our
cell phones.  You can easily transform
them into your own "photo postcards."   

 Just hit "print" from your phone, attach the
custom postcard label and send.  

Kim Komando's printing instructions

"Brighten someone's day by sending them
your photo postcard today."

Great to use for thank you's,
your products, events, etc  

Hair stylists..........Massage therapists........ 
Health and beauty products.........
Car dealers when clients purchase a new car..

Whatever you do -  a custom, personalized
"thank you" is appreciated.

Email me for FREE sample of your custom postcard - include logo, name, address, etc.

Instructions:  Peel postcard from backing...start to peel from lower right corner.
remove postcard label from backing.  Hold lower edges with both hands with
thumbs and index finger.  Place postcard label first on lower two corners of
the photo backside.  Smooth upwards.  May have to trim a little with scissors
at first until you get used to applying the postcard labels.  Is is really easy after
you do it a couple of times...

Contact:  Annette Taylor -

    (C)   2016